The Top 10 Distinctions Between Entrepreneurs And Employees (Quick Review)


I’ve written this small review of the book “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Entrepreneurs And Employees” after reading it patiently and skeptically.

If you go to a bookstore, you will find a lot of books about entrepreneurship, leadership and management al around you. We don’t have enough time in our life to read them all. So, with a bit of intuition and a lot of marketing of the book company (be sure about that), I decided to buy this one. And it has been a really interesting decision.

The book is written in plain words, but strong concepts about traits you must have to succeed as an entrepreneur (and advice on how to deal with your heart and mind on business).

Here you have some quotes of the book I think are important to highlight:

“The traditional school system in the corporate world teaches people to be employees, not entrepreneurs. The traditional school system is called The Status Quo. It trains and conditions people to think about money and success from a very limited perspective” (…) “In the school of experience, entrepreneurs choose what they want to learn about and they can ask any question they choose without fear of being reprimanded or disciplined.”


Related to school: “After years of being told what to do, they’re (students) asked what they’d like to do and they just don’t know. And you can’t blame them. Since many of them are not clear on what they want to do they go to college.”


Failure is the way we learn and grow. It shows us where there needs to be a correction.


“People who don’t consistently increase their knowledge will always have low limits on the success they can achieve.”


“You can be as risky or as safe as you want to be. I recommend using the safer strategies to build wealth more slowly, and using a small business to build wealth more quickly.”


“Don’t spend excessive time looking into the past— it’s a sure way to waste a lot of your present.”


“Your true success and happiness depends on you being true to your personal values.”


“Life is too short to work a job that you hate.”


“If your vision of future is exciting, it compels you to run. I’s much easier to work hard when you have a clear vision of fulfilling future.” (…) “If you create a vision of a future that you’d love to experience and then start running toward it, the success and failures, victories and defeats will give you a rich, rewarding life.”




“When you have faith in yourself and others and you take risks together, you are more likely to succeed. A simple truth is, the more risks you take, the more likely it is you will meet with success.”


“Truth creates faith, lies create fear.”


This post is a series of reviews of books I read and I encourage you to read. Last review (actually the first one) is in Spanish and is about the book “El Libro Negro del Emprendedor“— in English, “The Black Book Of The Entrepreneur”—.


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